Wayne "Gunny" Harmon (R)  for  U.S. Congress (IN-7th) 2018


                                                    Today's issues 

   Socialism: A theory or system of social organization that advocates the
   vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and
of capital, land, etc.(Financial Institutions, Chrysler, Fannie
   Mae, Freddie Mac, Post Office, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare), in
   the community as a whole.

    Economy:   Unemployment rate, President gave a cap of 8.0%
                    Apr 2014; *6.3%   (U-6, projected rate of 12.3%),        
                    6.6% (IN), 8.1% (Marion Co.) 6.6% (All Veterans), 
                    21.4%(16-19 y/o),
National Debt; $17.5 Trillion (AA+ rating)
   We need to reduce everyone tax rate and give the citizens back their     
   buying power for this economy.  This economy is not receiving taxes from  
   the people who are participating in the underground economy which is
   detrimental to this economy.

   Fair Tax System should be introduced.

   Balanced-Budget Amendment.

   Term Limits:  10 years (5 terms); U.S. House of Representatives
                         12 years (2 terms); U.S. Senators

    Health Care (Insurance):    We should look at Rosebud, South  
    Dakota, Sioux Tribe Reservation and Medicaid to see how the federal
    government health care at work. 

                     I would have voted against H.R. 3962 (ObamaCare or ACA).

                               Now it is time to repeal HR 3962.
    The area that we should focus on in HealthCare that would benefit everyone; 


                              1. Private Options 
                              2. Tort Reform (throughout the US)
                              3. Health Saving Accounts  
                              4. Interstate options for plans
                              5. Wellness programs through employers
                              6. Offer the same programs as the federal system 

   Energy Independence:  We should have a portfolio of diverse energy,
  which includes; oil, natural gas, coal, solar, wind, tidal turbines and nuclear
  (38 states have these plants). We should develop our energy resources to
  the point where we can export a portion of our energy and never import. 

   I would have voted against HR 2454, Cap and Trade Tax bill.

   National Defense:  "Peace Through Superior Strength and Knowledge" 
   Everybody knows we have the best military in the world. We are there
   now because of our troops being well trained and disciplined. It is the
   government responsibility to ensure that our troops have the proper 
   personnel and logistic support in order to complete their mission.  We should 
   and always support the troops regardless of their deployment and our views. 

   Israel:  Jordan, Syria and Lebanon should donate land for the Palestinian
   State. 100% in support of Israel.  One State Solution. 

   The War on Terror:  It was laid out in a Presidential speech in December 1998,
   for the bases of eliminating Saddam from his leadership.  Had we acted on this
   in early 1999, we would not have lost the sailors from the USS Cole or the
   innocent lives on 9/11.

   We are now involved in fighting the Anti-Christian Terrorist throughout the
   world.  I believe we should give our special forces and operations the
   "Green Light" to Terminate the Threat anytime and anywhere.

   Please do not forget what happen to us in the 1990's:

      1.  Feb.  1993,  World Trade Center, bombing.
      2.  April  1993,  Assassination attempt on President Bush by 
                              Iraqi Intelligence Service.
      3.  June  1996,  Khubar Towers, bombing, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
      4.  June  1998,  U.S. Embassy, RPG attack, Beirut, Lebanon.
      5.  Aug.  1998,  U.S. Embassies, bombings, Kenya and Tanzania.
      6.  Oct.   2000,  USS Cole, attack,  17 sailors KIAs.

      7.  Jul     2009,  42 KIAs in Afghanistan.
      8.  Nov   2009,  Maj. Nidal Hasan, murder 13 US Army soldiers at Ft. Hood.
      9.  Dec   2009,  Christmas bomb threat on NW Airline in Michigan.
      10. May  2010,  Time Square SUV Bomb,  Faisal Shahzad was arrested.
      11. May  2011,  Bin Laden was Terminated by SEAL Team VI 
      12. May  2012,  Fahd al-Quso (Terrorist of the USS Cole) was terminated by a drone. 
      13. Sep  2012,  Benghazi attack, 4 U.S personnel murdered.
      14. Apr   2013,  Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack.

   We need to ensure that the U.S. Embassy's Marine Security Guards are well supplied and
   reinforced for their own security.

   Education:   I spent time at Whiteland Community High School working as an
   Instructional Assistant.  I was able to observe and participate in the education
   system in process with today's teachers and students.  The major issues:


   1.  Let the Teachers teach.

   2.  Full year school for the students in k-8.

   3.  Physical Education should be mandatory until they graduate from High
   4.  Teachers should not have to work at home just to prepare for their class.

   5.  The School Systems should be monitor by the States (10th amendement and Local
        School Districts).

   Illegal Immigration: No Amnesty, First and foremost,  every country in the 
   world has the right to know who is or is not in their country.  We need to
   secure the border either by a Fence or barrier.  President Harrison made the
   Irish and Italians come through Ellis Island where they were process and 
   examined prior to landing.

   1.  After the "Fence" is constructed and maintain by the State and Federal
        Government. I would recommend that any new person would have to be
        process at the new Ellis Island sub station.  The process would include
        checking valid passport, fingerprinting, DNA sample and a medical
        examination for any preexisting conditions.  My recommendation would be
        to have two sub stations located at El Paso, Tx and Douglas, AZ.

   2.  Eliminate the lottery system.  

   Criminal Justice System: Being involved in the criminal justice system, I have
   seen the process in action.

   1.  The "Fence" from the Immigration debate, would be helpful to Law
        Enforcement officials in deterring illegal drugs and activity from going back
        and forth across the border.  It would control international criminals from
        crossing into our country.  It would also deter our criminals from evading our 
        criminal justice system.

   2.  I have seen drug offenders sentenced longer than some sex offenders.
        Once again, the "Fence" would control the sex offenders from coming into
        our country and evading.    
   Life:  After seeing death and destruction, I reaffirmed my faith
   with Trinity Lutheran Church.  I believe that life begins at conception within
   the woman.  I also believe that a marriage is a holy union and we do not need
   to add any complex variables.  

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